Adult Discipleship

A disciple is a life-long, believing, learner of Christ.  At FBC Pelham, our FOCUS groups are designed to help you fulfill that as a Christian.  We use 7 areas designed to give you a well-rounded plan for becoming a true disciple.

Listed below are the classes that meet on Wednesday and Sunday night this semester.


Wednesday Night Discipleship Classes Starting Wednesday, August 16, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Wednesday Night Worship

Led by:  Donnie Sisk                       Library

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Led by:  Paul Moore                       Quad Room

Kingdom Woman (WOMEN) WEDNESDAYS @ 6:30 pm  Room:SG-31

Led by:  Nikki Gantt                                                                       Cost:  $15

Bible Study (COED)         WEDNESDAYS @ 6:30 pm             Room:  SG-58

Led by:  Bob Cleveland                                                              Cost: none


Sunday Night Discipleship Classes Starting Sunday, September 10, 2017 at 5:00pm

>  Love and Respect (COED)        SUNDAYS @ 5 pm            Room: SG-53

Led by:  Jennifer and Shawn Weltzin                                   Cost:  $10

>  A Man and His Story (MEN)    SUNDAYS @ 5 pm            Room:  SG-31

Led by: Jason Dill                                                                          Cost:  $15

>  Hosea (WOMEN)                        SUNDAYS @ 5 pm            Room:  SG-55

Led by:  Emily Troutman                                                           Cost:  $13

>  The Mission (COED)                   SUNDAYS @ 5 pm            Room:   SG-15

Led by:  Missions Committee Members                             Cost: $10

 >  Romans II (COED)                        SUNDAYS @ 4:30 pm     Room: Quad Room

Led by:  Mary Shaw                                                                     Cost:  $21

Financial Peace University (COED)  SUNDAYS @ 4:30pm  Room: SG-58

Led by:  John Jones                                                                        Cost:  $100

>  Battle Plan for Prayer (COED)  SUNDAYS @ 5 pm          Room:  SG-17

Led by: Brenda Garner                                                             Cost: $13

>  Fervent (WOMEN)                       SUNDAYS @ 5 pm          Room:  S-133

Led by: Emily Boutwell                                                               Cost:  $11

>  3 Circles/411 (COED)                    SUNDAYS @ 5 pm            Room:   S – 121

Led by:  Don Dixon                                                                        Cost:  none

I Am a Church Member (COED)  SUNDAYS @ 5 pm       Room:  Library

Led by:  Randy and Lena Walker                                             Cost:  $10

>Care for the Caregivers (COED)   SUNDAYS @ 5 pm        Room: S-111

Led by: Martha Johnson                                                            Cost: None


For more information about adult discipleship training, please contact Don Dixon at